Fabric Swan Chair

Originally designed by prolific furniture designer and architect, Arne Jacobsen in 1958, this reproduction Swan Chair was originally specified for the illustrious SAS Royal Hotel Copenhagen. Today, the Swan chair is considered a prime example of Arne Jacobsen’s creative force, ultimately heightened by Jacobsen’s love of organic forms and sculptures.

Often considered an icon of Scandinavian furniture design, the Swan chair is most identifiable by its generous, embracing curves and its design correlation with the Egg Chair. The Swan Chair can be differentiated from the Egg Chair by the Swans more open structure, additional chair depth and arms that project like wings. It is considered one of Arne Jacobsen’s more prominent designs that propelled Jacobsen into legendary status.


Fabric Swan Chair

Width: 74 cm; Depth: 68 cm; Height: 77 cm

Disclaimer: The name Arne Jacobsen, Jacobsen or Swan is used to describe the product, not as a trade mark.
Colors Available White, black, red, orange, mustard yellow, purple, blue (custom colors available upon request)
Material Polyurethane foam, cast aluminum base, wool or cotton blend fabric exterior